2nd OECD Conference of Ministers Responsible for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Documentation & Presentations


At the first OECD Conference of Ministers responsible for SMEs, hosted by the Italian government in Bologna, Italy, in June 2000, Ministers from nearly 50 member and non-member economies adopted the “Bologna Charter for SME Policies”. They envisaged the Bologna Conference as the start of a policy dialogue among OECD member countries and non-member economies that would be followed up by continuous monitoring of the progress made with regard to the implementation of the Bologna Charter. This has become known as the “OECD Bologna Process”. The second OECD Conference of Ministers responsible for SMEs, hosted by the Turkish Ministry for Industry and Trade (Istanbul, 3-5 June 2004), provided an occasion to assess the impact on SMEs of new developments relating to globalisation.

At the close of the Istanbul Conference, Ministers adopted the Istanbul Ministerial Declaration on Fostering the Growth of Innovative and Internationally Competitive SMEs.

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List of Participants

Issues for Discussion

Executive Summary of the Background Reports
(also available in FrenchSpanish and German)

Resolving E-Commerce Disputes On-Line: Doing the Right Thing about Consumer Complaints and Business Disputes. Frequently Asked Questions for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Small and Medium Enterprises in Turkey: Issues and Policies (also available in Turkish)

Background reports (full versions):


Fostering Entrepreneurship as a Driver of Growth in a Global Economy

Women’s Entrepreneurship: Issues and Policies

Facilitating SMEs' Access to International Markets

Financing Innovative SMEs in a Global Economy

Networks, Partnerships, Clusters and Intellectual Property Rights: Opportunities and Challenges for Innovative SMEs in a Global Economy

ICT, E-Business and SMEs

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) On-line Mechanisms for SME Cross-border Disputes

Promoting SMEs for Development

SME Statistics: Towards a More Systematic Statistical Measurement of SME Behaviour

Evaluation of SME Policies and Programmes



Strengths and Weaknesses of SME Statistics Systems: The Users’ Perspective(from the Special Workshop on SME Statistics: "Towards a More Systematic Statistical Measurement of SME Behaviour"

Press releases:


Business and Industry Advisory Committee to OECD (BIAC) Press Release: Promoting Entrepreneurship Enhancing Policies Vital for Successful SME Development




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