Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation

OECD-NSF Workshop: Building a Smarter Health and Wellness Future





OECD workshop sponsored by the
National Science Foundation

Washington, DC,
United States
15-16 February 2011


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ICTs and the Health Sector:
Towards Smarter Health and Wellness Models

(published October 2013)


About the workshop

This invitation-only workshop reviewed how new high-speed and mobile applications, connected devices, social networks, and related cutting-edge smart technological developments can provide unique and unprecedented opportunities for developing an environment and services that can help address the health and wellness challenges of our ageing society, stimulating collaboration and innovation on a global scale. These technological developments promise to deliver innovative ways of meeting patients’ needs for care and support in the context of health systems that are committed to the provision of care but have limited resources. The OECD and the US-NSF built on discussions at the workshop to identify priorities for an international research and policy agenda.

Specifically, the aims of the workshop were to:

  • Review the impacts of these new developments over the next decade and discuss the emerging new models of care.
  • Analyse what is needed to move forward effectively- the technological, social and organisational innovation necessary, the challenges encountered in redesigning processes of care, the socio-technical and usability factors, access and privacy issues, the sustainability of the new business models and their impacts.
  • Consider the role of government in “shaping policies and programmes” to make the most of the benefits of these developments for both individuals and society.
  • Promote good practices, particularly in terms of governance and institutional frameworks that facilitate technology development and its effective deployment.
  • Gather input from the international community, including international policy-makers and industrial participants in defining an international research and policy agenda

Organisation and participants

The workshop was organised around three plenary sessions followed by round table discussions and included three break-out sessions. The nature of the meeting was intended to be multidisciplinary and interactive in several aspects.  It included a broad range of international speakers and participants, bringing together policymakers, patients and the business, clinical and research communities of the OECD countries.

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