Supporting green infrastructure projects.

Supporting green infrastructure projects.

SIPA work in Kazakhstan

As Kazakhstan designs its mid-century decarbonisation strategy, there is a unique opportunity for Kazakhstan to direct investments towards energy, transport and industry infrastructure projects that not only support economic growth and job creation in the short term, but also assist the transition towards a more resilient economic model, less reliant on fossil fuels and more compatible with the Paris Agreement and the SDGs in the long term.

SIPA’s activities in Kazakhstan related to infrastructure planning and evaluation include support to help the country reach its net-zero emissions target by operationalising and implementing its long-term low-emission development strategy (implemented by IDDRI) as well as a pilot multidimensional assessment of a major infrastructure project (IISD). Sectoral work in Kazakhstan focuses on fossil-fuel subsidy reform (IISD), improving the connectivity and sustainability of freight in Central Asia (ITF), and decarbonising hard-to-abate industries (OECD). SIPA includes an array of capacity development activities, including to promote responsible business conduct (RBC) and due diligence (OECD).

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