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Statistical narratives: short stories using the wealth of OECD statistics


This webpage from the OECD Statistics Directorate "Statistical Narratives" is intended as a repository for short statistical notes using the wealth of OECD statistics. The aim of these articles is to build knowledge from statistics, as well as give users a sense of what statistics are available from the OECD (OECD.Stat).





26/07/10 - Consumer confidence shows a slowing down in pace of recovery for the first half of 2010
Consumer confidence in the OECD area has levelled out since January 2010, possibly announcing a new peak or maybe just indicating uncertainty in the coming months. Confidence levels remain historically low, a result of the financial crisis and indicating that the effects of the crisis are continuing to be felt by consumers who remain pessimistic about the future. Read more





23/07/09 - Consumer confidence remains low but signs of improvement appear
Consumer confidence indicators in recent months have pointed to a marked improvement in sentiment since the historic lows recorded towards the beginning of 2009. Whilst encouraging, some caution is needed as confidence remains low by historic standards. This is shown in the following graphs for the major seven OECD member countries and the country grouping "OECD Area", which put consumer confidence indicators in a historical context. Read more





08/07/09 - The Great Synchronisation: What do high-frequency statistics tell us about the trade collapse?

What’s driving the unprecedented collapse in global trade flows? This column shows that the magnitude of the global decline reflects greater synchronisation of trade flow declines across countries. Globalisation has brought the world in sync. Read more on





30/04/09 - The real economy and the crisis: revisiting productivity fundamentals

Discussions about the current crisis often present events in a sequence, such as that the US sub-prime crisis in August 2007 triggered a major inter-bank credit crisis, which transformed itself into a general credit crisis, the latter having an impact on the real economy and overall business and consumer confidence. However, some commentators have made reference to other explanations, more linked to the evolution of economic fundamentals. Read more





06/02/09 - Financial crisis sees collapse in OECD consumer confidence

Recent data on consumer confidence suggests that households are quite pessimistic on the severity of the current financial crisis, and its impact on the economy at large. Confidence indicators for OECD member countries in recent months have witnessed an almost unprecedented collapse, with some levels falling to the lowest on record. Read more

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