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OECD Statistical Information System (SIS)


The OECD is developing a modern Statistical Information System to support its statistical activities. The objectives are to improve the efficiency of data and metadata collection, validation, processing, storage and dissemination; improve quality, eliminating errors and incoherencies and shortening statistical publication cycles, and enhance the accessibility and visibility of the Organisation's statistical outputs.

The overall architecture of the Statistical Information System consists of three layers:

  • a production layer for collection, validation, processing and management of statistical data and metadata;
  • a storage layer where validated statistics and related metadata are stored;
  • a dissemination layer for producing statistical publications and online/offline interactive statistical products.

The three layers (or pillars in the architecture model, see Figure 1) are supported by a workflow system which automates statistical and publication processes wherever possible, and tracks the steps involved.

Figure 1. Architecture of the new Statistical Information System




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