Statistics and Data Directorate

OECD Statistics and Data Outputs 2022


Many statistical and data activities are carried out across the different directorates of the OECD. This publication brings together key information on these activities in one place to have a clear, overall picture of the statistical work being undertaken throughout the Organisation.


Information is derived from the responses to an annual internal OECD questionnaire for the year 2022. The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide a clear and comprehensive picture of the statistical and data work undertaken throughout the Organisation, to contribute to the efficient coordination of the OECD decentralised statistical system, to inform the Smart Data Strategy of the Organisation, and to update the questionnaires used for the regular data collection available on the OECD Data Collection Programme website.


The following information is provided for each individual output:

  • Description
  • Contribution/coverage of OECD non-Members
  • Responsible committee or body
  • Cooperation with other international organisations, and
  • New developments in 2022



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