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Entrepreneurship Indicators Project (EIP), 5th-6th December 2006


Entrepreneurship Indicators Steering Group Meeting
5th and 6th of December 2006

The first OECD’s Entrepreneurship Indicators Steering Group Seminar, to take place in Roma, Italy, at the ISTAT Office, will bring together experts in the field of entrepreneurship research, policy and statistics in order to further the work of an internationally comparable system of indicators to be developed by the OECD.  The meeting will focus on sources of data, data requirements and the activities to be undertaken to develop a Measurement Manual and a preliminary Compendium of Indicators. Discussions on priorities and methods for possible new data collection will also be discussed.

This meeting will be followed by a Seminar on Entrepreneurship Data hosted by Istat (the Italian National Statistics Office) and jointly organised by Istat, Eurostat and the OECD Statistics Directorate.

Since the workshop held at the OECD in Paris in October 2005, the Project staff have engaged OECD country representatives in discussions about the need and potential for developing internationally-comparable data on entrepreneurship. Based on the results of cooperative work with Eurostat and statistical experts from several member countries, the OECD Statistics Committee endorsed plans to bring together both statistical and entrepreneurship-policy experts to help coordinate development of comparable, policy-relevant data on entrepreneurship and its determinants from both existing and new sources. Through the implementation of an extensive network of entrepreneurship researchers, gaps in existing data and current needs have been partly identified. Numerous countries have committed to taking an active part in the development of data and have named members to the Entrepreneurship Indicators Steering Group.

The Kauffman Foundation of the United States provided the financial support for the Feasibility Study and Action Plan (completed in April 2006); the Foundation has also provided a large part of the funding for the next phase of the work through to 2008. Additional funding for related, special Projects is being provided by a Danish-led International Consortium of countries committed to improving entrepreneurship data.

For further information on the Steering Group or the forthcoming meeting contact Julia Gauch, Eric Gonnard or  Tim Davis (Project Manager),

Practical Information:

The EISG will be held in "Aula del Seminario" first floor of  ISTAT headquarter Via  Cesare Balbo 16, ROME

ISTAT Seminar - Agenda and Presentations


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