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Business Tendency Surveys: A Handbook



Business tendency surveys - also called business opinion or business climate surveys - ask company managers about the current situation of their business and about their plans and expectations for the near future.


Business Tendency Surveys: A Handbook (PDF) is a practical manual on the design and implementation of business tendency surveys, on the interpretation of the results from such surveys and on their use for economic analysis and forecasting. It draws on over 20 years of experience by the OECD Secretariat in using business tendency surveys for economic analysis and in helping non-member economies to implement such surveys.


The European Commission and the OECD Secretariat have developed a set of “harmonised” business tendency surveys to collect qualitative information from business managers in the manufacturing, construction, trade and service sectors. This harmonised system is described in detail in the manual.


This manual is part of the OECD’s ongoing co-operation with non-member economies around the world.


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