Entrepreneurship and business statistics

OECD Entrepreneurship Indicators Project Expert Workshop - Understanding Entrepreneurship: Issues and Numbers , 26-27 October 2005


Venue: 26-27 October 2005, OECD Headquarters, La Muette, 19 rue de Franqueville, 75016 Paris


The Statistics Directorate of the OECD)  is holding a workshop Understanding Entrepreneurship: Issues and Numbers to be held 26-27 October 2005 at the OECD Headquarters in Paris, France.

This workshop will convene experts in the field of entrepreneurship research, policy and statistics to discuss policy priorities and associated data requirements in order to inform the work of an internationally comparable system of indicators to be developed by the OECD.

This project is conducted in close collaboration with policy analysts, Committees and Working Parties throughout the OECD, as well as with a broad spectrum of national and international bodies, various national entrepreneurship research programs, and the International Consortium for Dynamic Entrepreneurship Benchmarking. Financial support is being provided by the Kauffman Foundation of the United States, which has long supported practical research aimed at facilitating successful entrepreneurship.


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