Regulatory policy

Regulatory reform review in China: Working Group Meeting, 28 March 2008, Beijing, China



This seminar was the second held in the framework of the OECD Regulatory Reform Review in China. To support discussions between the Chinese government and OECD member countries during the analysis and formulation of the Review, a number of policy makers and experts from China and OECD countries met in Beijing on 28 March 2008.


Regulatory policy is about the process by which regulations are drafted, updated, implemented and enforced. The approach to regulatory governance should be broad, aiming at promoting business and investment-friendly environments and regulatory processes that reinforce good governance and the rule of law. Regulations encouraging market dynamism, innovation and competitiveness promote economic performance. The aim is to increase efficiency, effectiveness and a better balance in delivering social and economic policies over time.


Objectives of the Seminar

The goal of this seminar was to support the work of the Regulatory Reform Review in China bringing in different experts to analyse OECD experiences and the Chinese situation from an international perspective. The first seminar  was held in Beijing on 12 September 2007 and followed the review structure, including the four thematic sections covering capacities for regulatory policy, trade openness and competition, regulatory frameworks for selected sectors, in this case public service delivery. This seminar focused more specifically on the existing capacities for regulatory policy for specific public service sectors selected by the national Chinese administration, covering: i) healthcare facilities, ii) water and sanitation, and iii) electricity.


Powerpoint presentations

Session 1 –Administrative Simplification to improve the economic environment

Mr. Nick Malyshev, Senior Economist and Principal Administrator, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD.

Mr. Flemming Olsen, Policy Analyst and Administrator,   Regulatory Policy Division, OECD.

Ms. Karen Hill, Director of Regulatory Services, Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, UK. 


Session 2 – Hospitals and medical centres

Mr. Peter Scherer, Head of the Health Division, OECD.

Ms. Li Zhen, Professor, China Renmin University, PR China (Presentation in Chinese)

Mr. Charles Tsai, Researcher, Groupe d’Economie Mondiale (GEM), Sciences Po.

Session 3 – Water supply and sanitation

Mr. Roberto Villarreal, Head of the Regional Competitiveness and Governance Division, OECD.

Ms. Aziza Akhmouch, Policy Analyst, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD.

Mr. Pu Yufei, Deputy Director General, Information Centre, NDRC, PR China (English, 中文)

Mr. Simon Spooner, Principal Consultant, Water & Environment, Atkins.

Session 4 – Electricity

Mr. François Nguyen, Senior Energy Analyst, Electricity Markets, International Energy Agency.

Mr. Zhang Qing, Law and Economics Centre, China University of Political Science and Law. Regulation and Competition Centre, University of Manchester.

Mr. Russell Pittman, Director of Economic, Antitrust Division, Department of Justice, U.S.

Mr. Darryl Biggar, Economic Adviser, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Australia.

Mr. Daniel Assandri, Head of Power Systems, ABB (China) Ltd.






as well as the related documents (below) were discussed during the meeting.