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OECD Review on Regulatory Reform in Russia


The OECD Review on Regulatory Reform in Russia

The Regulatory Reform Review of Russia was a key priority for OECD/Russia co-operation during 2004/05.  The project was carried out in a multidisciplinary process, led by Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development and with the active involvement of a number of other directorates across the OECD.   The review could not have been completed without the insights and input provided by many Russian Government officials. The project was made possible with the financial support of Italy, the Czech Republic, Finland and the Russian Federation.

Russia was the first non-member country to be reviewed under the OECD Regulatory Reform Programme.  The project was designed to assist the Russian authority’s efforts to foster competition, innovation, and economic growth as well as to meet important social objectives. The Russia review followed a multidisciplinary and highly interactive approach. The review includes the following themes and sectors:

  • The macro-economic context for regulatory reform
  • Government capacity to assure high-quality regulation
  • The role of competition policy and regulatory reform
  • Enhancing market openness through regulatory reform
  • Regulatory reform in the electricity and railways sectors.

The final output of the project is a published synthesis report which consists of two parts. Part I presents an overall assessment, set within the macroeconomic context, of regulatory achievements and challenges across a broad range of policy areas: the quality of the public sector, competition policy, market openness and the rail and electricity sectors. Part II summarises the detailed and comprehensive background reviews prepared for each of these policy areas, and concludes with policy options for consideration which seek to identify areas for further work and policy development. The full background reports for Russia are posted on the OECD website.

For further information: OECD Review of Regulatory Reform: Russia


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