Regulatory policy

OECD member countries support the one-stop shop


In the context of the current global economic crisis, regulatory reform is a powerful policy to boost entrepreneurship and help countries foster economic growth and employment. Consequently, the OECD Mexico Centre has made available to the public the booklet “ A One-stop Shop for Quick and Easy Business Start-ups in Mexico”, which is being disseminated nationally and internationally. It provides an analysis easy to understand, about the benefits of this initiative, which positions Mexico at the forefront of worldwide efforts to simplify procedures for business start-ups.

The benefits achieved with were presented at an OECD meeting in September 2009. Given the achievements in administrative simplification and regulatory reform implied by the one-stop shop “”, countries like the Netherlands and Italy commended its implementation.

The one-stop shop “” is one of the results of the co-operation initiative to strengthen Mexico’s competitiveness between the OECD and the Mexican government, represented by the Vice-ministry for Competitiveness and Standardisation of the Ministry of Economy, with the support of the Federal Commission for Regulatory Improvement (COFEMER).

According to the booklet produced jointly by the OECD and the Ministry of Economy and available on, the one-stop shop is a breakthrough for business start-ups in Mexico. It is a “decisive step in the strategy to simplify administrative procedures and facilitate better interaction between individuals and government”. Likewise, the booklet establishes that business regulations, with the introduction of “”, will help Mexico move up in the competitiveness rankings.


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