Regulatory policy

Measuring regulatory performance at sub-national level: Benefits and challenges


Mexico, 23 September 2013



As OECD countries continuously strive to improve the quality of their regulations, significant resources have been invested in regulatory improvement policies. In line with increasing resources allocated, there is pressure for greater accountability and the use of performance monitoring to demonstrate the effectiveness of regulatory improvement programmes. OECD principles promote the evaluation of the effectiveness of such programmes.




The objective of the workshop was to serve as a forum to discuss the benefits and challenges of measuring regulatory performance in the international and Mexican context. The workshop served as a starting point for a wide project in which the OECD will engage in measuring the performance of regulatory improvement policies and programmes in the 32 Mexican states, with the assistance and guidance from the Federal Regulatory Improvement Commission (COFEMER) and the Ministry of Economy.


For more information on this workshop, please contact Manuel Gerardo Flores (Mexico City) or Jacobo Garcia Villarreal (Paris).


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Agenda in English, in Spanish


Session 1. Measuring regulatory performance: International perspective


Session 2. Performance indicators in Mexico: Experiences and lessons learned


Session 3. Indicators of Product Market Regulation



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