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Guide for Regulatory Quality at State and Municipal Levels in Mexico



On 11 January 2011, the OECD Secretary-General, Angel Gurria, and Mexico’s Minister of Economy, Bruno Ferrari, as well as the Governor of Colima, Mario Anguiano Moreno, presided over the event to present the “Guide to Improve the Regulatory Quality of State and Municipal Formalities and Strengthen Mexico’s Competitiveness”. The event gathered approximately 200 federal, state, and municipal public servants, as well as businessmen and public opinion leaders to discuss the findings of the Guide.

The programme of co-operation between the OECD and Mexico’s Ministry of Economy, also called “Strengthening of Economic Competition and Regulatory Improvement for Competitiveness”, supports Mexico’s efforts to strengthen the economy, increase investment, trade, productivity, and improve the institutions that affect the quality of regulations. The improvement of the regulatory framework and the business environment requires innovation and implementation of good practices at the sub-national level. Given the fact that an entrepreneur has to fulfil formalities at federal, state, and municipal levels to formalise his business, this need becomes even more urgent.

The Guide provides concrete recommendations of high-impact reforms that can be implemented in the short term.  It focuses on formalities dealing with business start-ups, obtaining construction permits, registering property, procurement, and upgrading regulatory transparency and efficiency in the management of formalities. The recommendations were drawn from the systematic review of formalities processes mentioned above in nine Mexican states, as well as from the study of successful practices at the international level. Their main characteristics are that they can be implemented in the short term and are fully justified in terms of costs and benefits.

The Guide also contains brief case studies that illustrate how different jurisdictions, in Mexico and other OECD member countries, implemented the reforms proposed in the recommendations. These case studies can be used as references to guide the effective implementation of reform. Main stakeholders of regulatory reform at the sub-national level, federal officials, and businessmen welcomed this Guide.


Full agenda (English)

Full agenda (Spanish)

Guide to Improve the Quality of Regulation (Spanish)



11 January 2011


10:00-11:30 Experiences of regulatory reform in the Mexican states

  • Felipe Duarte Olvera, Vice-Minister for Competitiveness and Regulation, Ministry of the Economy
  • Mario Anguiano Moreno, Governor of the State of Colima
  • Alonso Ulloa Vélez, Minister of Economic Promotion of the State of Jalisco
  • Claudia de los Ángeles Trujillo Rincón, Minister of the Economy of the State of Chiapas
  • Chair: Josef Konvitz, Head of the Regulatory Policy Division, OECD

12:00-13:00 Presentation of the Guide

  • José Ángel Gurría Treviño, Secretary General, OECD
  • Bruno Ferrari García de Alba, Mexico’s Minister of the Economy
  • Mario Anguiano Moreno, Governor of the State of Colima
  • Sergio Cervantes Rodiles, National Chamber of the Transformation Industry

13:15-14:45 Business start-ups


15:00-16:15 Construction permits and property registration



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