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Better Regulation in Europe - The EU 15 project


Better Regulation improves economic and social welfare prospects, underpins growth and strengthens resilience

The EU15 project assessed capacities for effective regulatory management across the EU, through individual reviews of fifteen member states, covering half the OECD membership. The reports made up the Better Regulation in Europe series, carried out by the OECD in partnership with the European Commission. The project started in 2008. It culminated in a synthesis in 2011 that highlighted key conclusions and mapped out a path for effective regulation in support of key public policy goals.


"In the wake of worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, the importance of effective regulation has never been as obvious as it is now. EU15 aims to stimulate debate on regulatory policy and how to do it better, to bring about real reform that improves lives."


 Mapping progress and trends


Strategies for effective regulation require policies, institutional capacities and processes for the development of "fit for purpose" regulations. These reports analyse the progress made since the first OECD reviews of regulatory reform carried out between 1998 and 2006. They examine trends and identify gaps in relation to OECD and European Commission best practices. The EU/OECD SIGMA Programme supports the EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood policies, that aim to unite countries around a common project by stimulating political and socio-economic reforms.



 Better Regulation policy over the next decade




"The EU15 project aims to deepen and update understanding of the regulatory management framework in each of the reviewed countries. This will provide a picture not only of where these countries are now, but also how they are evolving."


 What’s inside?


Each report maps and analyses the core elements which together make up Better Regulation, laying down a framework of what drives effective regulatory policy:

  • strategy and policies
  • institutional capacities
  • transparency
  • development of new regulations
  • simplification and burden reduction
  • compliance, enforcement, appeals
  • sub-national & national government relationships
  • national governments and the EU


The reports also provide each country with
tailored recommendations on the way forward.

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