Regulatory reform

Implementation of OECD recommendations to improve business formalities in the Municipality of Hermosillo


Hermosillo, 8 December 2014


The OECD Regulatory Policy Division delivered the second assessment of the implementation of the Guide to improve the regulatory quality of formalities at state and municipal level in Mexico. Hermosillo achieved a 52% progress in the implementation of the 270 actions delivered by the OECD in April 2014. This progress is considered of high speed, meaning that it is beyond the expected parameters of the OECD according to the proposed implementation plan.


The recommendations under implementation are aimed at improving the formalities that are part of the process to start a business, construction permit, property registry, registration to the register of suppliers, by means of reducing requirements and response times; and by improving regulatory transparency and efficiency in the management of formalities.


Manuel Gerardo Flores, Senior Economist, acknowledged the Municipality of Hermosillo for its commitment and political will to become a facilitator of entrepreneurial activity and a citizen-oriented government, and for giving priority to the implementation programme.  


Lyzeth Salcedo, Director of the Economic Development Commission of Hermosillo; the directors of the Municipality of Hermosillo; Delia Vazquez, Regulatory Policy Analyst of the OECD; and Alberto Morales, Economist of the OECD were also present during the presentation.


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Delia Vázquez, Policy Analyst, OECD @delia_vazquez


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