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Stakeholder engagement




Decisions makers will be forced to make tough choices about how to manage water for inclusive growth and environmental stability. Better engaging stakeholders both within and outside the water sector can help ensure these choices are the right ones, and are implemented effectively


Stakeholder engagement holds specific importance in water because this is a highly decentralised and fragmented sector, with multiple, interdependent players at different levels of government.


Governments have an important role to play in establishing an institutional environment that encourages exchange and more bottom-up decision-making processes.



Cover picture of the OECD report "Stakeholder Engagement for Inclusive Water Governance"This report assesses the current trends, drivers, obstacles, mechanisms, impacts, costs and benefits of stakeholder engagement in the water sector.

It provides pragmatic policy guidance to decision makers and practitioners in the form of key principles and a Checklist for Public Action with indicators, international references and self-assessment questions.

 The report was launched on 13 April 2015, at the 7th World Water Forum (Daegu, Korea)


3rd Istanbul International Water Forum
26 May 2014, Istanbul

OECD Multi-stakeholder Workshop
19 September 2014, Paris


IWA World Water Congress Session
24 September 2014, Lisbon




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