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Decentralisation in Ukraine: Seminar 2



This seminar, held in Mykolaiv, was the second in a series being held in Kyiv and diverse regions as part of the OECD project, Supporting Decentralisation in Ukraine (2017-18). The audience included representatives of subnational administrations in Mykolaiv and Odessa, policy practitioners, think tanks, and relevant associations involved in Ukraine’s decentralisation reform.

On 15 March, 2017, together with the Deputy Head of the Regional State Administration in Mykolaiv, Mr. Oleksandr Kushnir and the Mayor of Mykolaiv City, Mr. Alexander Syenkevych, the OECD welcomed Ukrainian subnational officials, policy makers and other stakeholders to share their experience in decentralisation reform and its impact with respect to administrative capacity, investment capacity and service delivery capacity, particularly at the local level. In addition, participants discussed the “pros and cons” of amalgamation, and their objectives for sector decentralisation. The seminar provided an opportunity for those gathered to hear how municipal officials are meeting the challenges and seizing the opportunities associated with decentralisation.


From left to right: Dorothée Allain-Dupré, Viktoria Moskalenko, Olexandr Kushnir, Alexander Syenkevych 

Key messages

The key messages arising from the seminar included:


  • There is a clear need to strengthen fiscal autonomy in order to have more room for manoeuvre at the hromada level. This can entail reducing the reliance on transfers and allowing municipalities to collect taxes and develop revenue raising mechanisms.
  • There is room to improve the co-operation and governance arrangements with respect to infrastructure, for example of ports, as well as the relationship of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and local authorities. Local communities are often unable to collect tax revenues from the commercial activities of SOEs, despite being subjected to substantial environmental and infrastructure maintenance costs. 
  • The increased financial capacity of local communities should be matched with adequate human resource capacity. There is a need for more and better quality staff at subnational level, with clear attribution of tasks and responsibilities across different levels of government. 
  • Public service delivery at the local levels could be further improved by strengthening the governance of service delivery and developing mechanisms for inter-municipal co-operation. 





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The following presentations highlighted the impact of decentralisation on economic and social development, ranging from finance and budgeting to service delivery, among OECD countries, in Ukraine and in Mykolaiv at the oblast and local level.




  • Decentralisation and Economic and Social development at the Oblast and Hromada Levels, Ms. Dorothée Allain-Dupré, OECD (English / Ukrainian)
  • Fiscal decentralisation and subnational finance: strengthening local level capacity, Ms. Isabelle Chatry, OECD (English / Ukrainian)
  • Delivering public services in a decentralised context, Ms. Maria-Varinia Michalun (English / Ukrainian)




  • Decentralisation and the economic and social development of Mykoliav, Tatiana Shulichenko, Head of the Department of Economy and Investments, Mykolaiv
    Децентралізація у світлі економічного і соціального розвитку у м. Миколаїв, Тетяна Шуліченко, голова Департаменту економіки та інвестицій, Миколаїв (Ukrainian)
  • Communication systems The State and the Community, Inna Kopiyka, Head of the Kutsurubska Amalgamated Community, Mykolaiv region
    Комунікативна система Влада і Громада, Інна Копійка, голова Куцурупської ОТГ, Миколаївська область (Ukrainian)
  • Public service delivery in the context of decentralisation, Liudmyla Murakhovska, Chief of Division of administrative services provision of Mykolaiv regional state administration
    Надання послуг державою в контексті децентралізації у м. Миколаїв, Людмила Мураховська, начальник відділу з питань організації надання адміністративних послуг міста Миколаїв (Ukrainian)



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