The OECD has revolutionised its journal publishing.  Harnessing the speed and accessibility of the Internet, the individual articles from OECD’s leading periodical titles in the field of economics and public policy are now accessible online via OECD-iLibrary as soon as they are ready to be released. 

The titles benefiting from this approach will be gathered together in a subscribed package called OECD Journal.  The titles included are:

OECD Journal

The 2013 subscription to OECD Journal will have a total of 8 issues, plus a back catalogue of more than 175 issues of current and discontinued titles, dating from 1998. For an annual subscription to the ‘OECD Journal’ for the 2013 Volume, the online only price is €164, and the online+archive price for those customers requiring a print copy is €252.