High-Level Policy Forum - 16 January 2020

Emerging challenges such as changing labour markets, technological advances, forced displacement and population dynamics make it necessary to invest in the design and implementation of future ready policies based on a whole-of-society approach that involves both the public and private sector. Adapting migration and integration systems to enhance their contribution to economic growth and social cohesion stands as one of the most important policy objectives in the forthcoming years.

Under the title “Building a Whole-of-Society Approach to Emerging Migration and Integration Challenges”, the High-Level Policy Forum will provide an opportunity to engage in a conversation about various migration and integration topics with ministers, senior officials and a wide range of stakeholders, including leaders from the business community, academics and representatives from civil society.

Following a call for projects, the Forum will give selected candidates the opportunity to showcase innovative projects on migration and integration. 

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OECD High-Level Policy Forum: Programme‌

Building a Whole-of-Society Approach to Emerging Migration and Integration Challenges 

Programme (PDF) Programme FR (PDF)

Thursday, 16 January 2020


Welcoming Remarks

Mr. Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General 

Chair or Vice-Chair of the OECD Migration and Integration Ministerial Meeting


Preparing for the future: lessons from global migration over the past decade

This introductory panel will discuss the experiences of countries regarding large migration inflows, and the lessons learned moving forward. It will involve high-level representatives from the UN and from selected OECD countries that have - or had - a key role in contexts of dealing with large migration inflows, as well as the president of a leading think tank.



Elevator pitches for the Innovation Lab

Following a call for proposals with member countries, 10 selected innovative projects related to migration and integration from across OECD countries will be presented in short, 1-minute “elevator pitches”. More detailed presentations of these projects will be made throughout the day in the hall of the OECD Conference Centre.


Coffee Break


Foresight: the future of migration and integration

Presentation and discussion in break-out groups of the results of a foresight exercise of the OECD, focusing on migration and integration in 2035. The session will be divided in four parallel themes: (i) the impact of new technologies on migration control and enforcement as well as on (ii) integration services delivery; and on (iii) the role of regional and local authorities and (iv) the role of corporations in migration and integration management.


Lunch Break (Special VIP lunch with keynote speech TBC)



Parallel Sessions

Engaging with civil society – new approaches in the integration of migrants  

New and innovative approaches that have been taken throughout OECD countries to leverage civil society in promoting the integration of migrants – notably with respect to social integration. This session will present and discuss some of these.

Innovations in Language Training

This session will present and discuss innovative approaches to language learning – either through new technologies or through innovation in course design and outreach.  

Matching migrants with employment opportunities

A key issue with which many countries are struggling is to match migrants’ skills with available employment opportunities, notably, but not exclusively, for refugees. This requires skills being assessed upfront and migrants being put in touch with relevant employers.

Innovation in skills partnerships 

Skills partnerships are an increasingly important tool for matching talent in origin countries with labour needs in destination countries, while avoiding negative impacts on the origin country. This session will discuss some recent policy innovations in this field.

15:45-16:00  Coffee Break

A conversation on the global competition for talent 

This session will bring together a high-level representative from emerging economies and a global thought leader from an OECD country to discuss the global competition for talent.


Ministerial panel: A whole-of-society response to future migration and integration challenges 

This high-level closing session will act as a bridge between the policy forum and the ministerial meeting on the following day and will involve a selection of Ministers.


Social Event for Heads of Delegations