Strengthening local governance institutions in Morocco


Within the framework of the Morocco Country Programme and the implementation of the "Advanced Regionalisation Process", the MENA-OECD Governance Programme has contributed to improving the quality of local-level policies and strengthening citizens' trust in governance.

Strategic assistance was provided to achieve three main objectives:

1. Build local administrative capacities;

2. Improve citizens' participation in the management of local public affairs;

3. Consolidate public service delivery at the local level.


The two-year collaboration, financed by the Transformation Partnership of the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2015-2017), sought to promote socio-economic development in Morocco, by:

  • Supporting the Ministry of Interior in strengthening local institutions and increasing citizens' participation in public decision-making.
  • Assisting the Moroccan Court of Accounts in delivering on its mandate to ensure the proper functioning of the audit system. Learn more about the OECD's work on auditing institutions.


This project also contributes to the implementation of the Deauville Partnership’s Compact for Economic Governance which provides a framework for co-operation and policy dialogue between Arab countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan and Yemen), G7 and other Partner Countries, international financial institutions and the OECD. 

Morocco presented its first economic compact stocktaking report at the Deauville Partnership Senior Officials Meeting in October 2017.



MENA-OECD Activity Report

MENA-OCDE Rapport d’activité




11 juillet 2017: Rabat, Maroc

4-6 juillet 2017: Paris, France

30 mars 2017: Agadir, Maroc

1 décembre 2016: Fès, Maroc

3 mai 2016: Tanger, Maroc

25-26 février 2016: Marrakech, Maroc

4 novembre 2015: Rabat, Maroc





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