Regional Conference, 3-4 October 2017, Rabat, Morocco


Bringing Youth Closer to Public Life

Regional Conference, 3-4 October 2017, Rabat, Morocco 

In cooperation with the Moroccan Ministry of Youth and Sports, the OECD is organising the high-level regional conference “Bringing Youth Closer to Public Life” on 3-4 October 2017 in Rabat. The event is part of the project “Youth in Public Life: Towards an Open and Inclusive Youth Engagement” currently implemented in Morocco, Jordan and Tunisia with funding from the G7 Deauville Partnership MENA Transition Fund. 



The conference will bring together young civil society leaders and elected officials from the MENA region, high-level stakeholders from Ministries of Youth and line ministries with a significant youth portfolio, regional and local authorities as well as various youth stakeholders from MENA and OECD countries to share good practices and mechanisms that help ensure public policies and services address the needs and aspirations of the young men and women. 


• Youth first: Towards a joint vision for youth engagement in the MENA region
• Getting local authorities and youth on board
• Youth houses: A platform towards more open and participatory policy-making at local level
• Let's vote and run: How to overcome existing obstacles for youth to participate in political life?
• National youth councils: What composition, mandate, influence?
• The role for the media in strengthening youth participation in public life?


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