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Webinar on International Investment Agreements: Challenges and policy options for Egypt

3 June 2021 | Online

The objective of this workshop was to provide Egypt with:

  • the latest global developments in IIAs and international investment trends;
  • an analysis of good practices in IIAs provisions based on Egyptian IIA network of BITs;
  • a better understanding of the correlation between reforming the dispute settlement mechanisms and attraction of FDI, and policy considerations to assist Egypt in its consideration of treaty reform options.

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cover Jordan Investment Project Insights 2018

Investment and trade represent an important opportunity for economic development of the MENA region, if accompanied by sound policies that enable quality job creation and prosperity for society at large. 

While the situation varies among MENA economies, most are now undertaking reforms to promote and facilitate investment and exports. To boost growth and generate jobs through investment and trade, further efforts should be made to:

  • increase trade facilitation and investment security
  • support integration into global production and distribution networks
  • provide evidence-based analysis to ensure there is a right balance between national objectives and openness
  • improve policy coherence at all levels to ensure co-ordination, good governance and inclusiveness


 Read the latest report from the MENA-OECD Competitiveness Programme: Enhancing the legal framework for sustainable investment: Lessons from Jordan (2018)

About the MENA-OECD Working Group on Investment and Trade

The Working Group on Investment and Trade, chaired by Japan and Jordan, was launched in September 2017 to help foster policy dialogue and analysis on trade and investment interconnections. Building on relevant OECD policy and statistical tools, the Working Group works to improve policy orientations, implementation and evaluation. Its main activities include:

  • facilitating dialogue among policy makers on trade and investment interconnections and ways to maximise benefits for MENA economies
  • collecting and analysing statistical trends
  • monitoring reforms and impact to enhance policy coherence
  • improving co-operation with all stakeholders and national co-ordination
  • helping integrate regional and global value chains 

Publications and Key Documents

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Enhancing the legal framework for sustainable investment: Lessons from Jordan
Promoting Investment in a Fragile Context: The OECD Iraq Project  (Arabic version) (2016) 
Strengthening Regional Investment Frameworks: Review of International and Regional Investment-related Agreements concluded by Arab League Member States (2014) 

OECD Investment Policy Reviews: 

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