Wednesday 6 October 2021

Soft powers for hard outcomes: Using the convening power of local authorities to support employment

This webinar will look at the lessons from the OECD’s Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED) programme on how to coordinate action for employment locally will be explored, and local authority representatives will share what this looks like concretely in four diverse regions / cities across the OECD.  

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Wednesday 20th October 2021

School-to-work transitions: learning from local actions

This webinar, organised in partnership between the OECD’s Local Development Forum and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) aims to connect local practitioners and policymakers to share learnings and best practices in improving school-to-work transitions for all youth.

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Past events

22 September 2021 - Webinar : From City Halls to City Streets: How Local Leaders and Practitioners are Helping Young People in the COVID-19 Era | Agenda

26 May 2021 - Webinar : Cultural heritage and social cohesion: how to make the local community more cohesive and inclusive | Highlights

13 April 2021 - Webinar and Launch: COVID-19 and the future of Global Events | Highlights

9 March 2021- Webinar and Launch: Future-Proofing Adult Learning in London, UK | Highlights

25-26 February 2021- Webinar: Back in business: SME support ecosystems for cultural and creative sectors | Highlights

27-28 January 2021- Webinar: Increasing the job creation potential of Cultural and Creative Sectors and SPOTLIGHT: Covid-19 and Music & the Night Time Economy | Highlights

1-3 December 2020- Webinar: Cultural participation and local resilience: Strategies for the recovery | Highlights

23 November 2020- Webinar: Launch of the OECD report Job Creation and Local Economic Development 2020: Rebuilding Better | Highlights

22 October 2020- Webinar: The Future of Local Employment Services | Highlights

23 July 2020- Webinar: Preparing for the Future of Work in Canada | Highlights

9 July 2020- Webinar: Leveraging the Social Economy for the Recovery of People and Places | Highlights

15 May 2020 - Webinar: Culture as a developmental driver for Italy in the post-covid scenario | Highlights

12 May 2020 - Webinar: What are the impacts of COVID-19 on local labour markets? | Highlights

5 November 2019 - Washington D.C.: Local Responses to the Future of Work: An international policy exchange | Agenda

29 October 2019 - Luxembourg: Boosting the Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Luxembourg: Better Entrepreneurship Policy Tool Workshop | Agenda | Highlights