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Workshop on Trends and Challenges in Shipbuilding: A special look at the maritime equipment industry


On 12 December 2019, the Secretariat of the OECD Council Working Party on Shipbuilding invited representatives of OECD and partner economies as well as interested stakeholders to a workshop on trends and challenges in shipbuilding.


The workshop aimed notably to contribute to a better understanding of the role of the maritime equipment industry. It allowed participants to discuss how the industry as well as policymakers can address the main issues at stake.


The first session provided an overview of the maritime equipment industry and dealt with challenges in the maritime equipment industry as well as policy responses. The second session discussed on ship finance and related trends and challenges for the shipbuilding industry and the maritime equipment industry. Finally, the last session dealt with medium and long-term perspectives and challenges for the shipbuilding industry.


Welcome and introduction

Chair: H.E. Mr. Per Egil SELVAAG, Ambassador, Permanent Delegation of Norway to the OECD and Chair of the WP6.

Introduction by Ambassador SELVAAG on workshop objectives and main issues for discussion.


Session 1: Maritime Equipment Industry: Market and Policy Developments and their Potential Effects on the Shipbuilding Industry

Session 1.1 An Overview of the Maritime Equipment Industry
This session aimed at understanding the market situation and characteristics of the global maritime equipment industry and how the maritime equipment industry affects the shipbuilding industry.

  • Presentation by Mr. Laurent DANIEL and Mr. Hiroki TAKAGI, OECD Secretariat on the Global Maritime Equipment Industry.
  • Presentation by Mr. Dario BAZARGAN, Director, SEA Europe on the Functioning of the Maritime Equipment Industry and its Importance for Shipbuilding.
  • Presentation by Mr. Joachim BRODDA, Managing Partner, BALance Technology Consulting on Trends in the Maritime Equipment Industry.


Session 1.2 Challenges in the Maritime Equipment Industry and Policy Responses
This session aimed at identifying the main challenges of the global maritime equipment industry, analysing the possible role of policy in addressing these challenges for the sustainable development of the global maritime equipment industry.

  • Presentation by Ms. Jenny N. BRAAT, CEO, Danish Maritime and Chair, SEA Europe Market Forecast Working Group.
  • Presentation by Ms. Evdokia MOÏSÉ and Mr. Andrea ANDRENELLI, Trade and AgricultureDirectorate (TAD) on OECD Work on Forced Technology Transfer (FTT) Across Industries.
  • Presentation by Mr. Daniel PRUD'HOMME, Associate Professor, EMLV Business School on Forced Technology Transfer Policy in Selected Economies.
  • Presentation by Mr. Mauro SACCHI, Director, Wartsila Marine Business Development on Marine Diesel Engines, Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer Practices.


Session 2: Ship Finance: Trends and Challenges for the Shipbuilding Industry and the Maritime Equipment Industry

This session aimed at discussing the ship finance market and understanding its key challenges.

  • Presentation by Mr. Jean-Baptiste CHAMBON, Project Manager, Barry Rogliano Salles on Maintrends in Ship Finance.
  • Presentation by Ms. Solveig FROLAND, Director, Shipping, Yards, and Offshore Projects, GIEK, the Norwegian Export Credit Agency on Export Credits for Ships.
  • Presentation by Ms. Randa MORGAN, Head, Transport, Power & Infrastructures, SACE, the Italian Export Credit Agency on Overview of SACE’s Practice in the Shipbuilding Industry.
  • Presentation by Mr. Jaesang LEW, Director, Maritime Finance Department, K-SURE, the Korean Exprort Credit Agency on Challenges for 'Green Financing' of Maritime Equipment.


Session 3: Outlook: Medium and Long-term Perspectives and Challenges for the Shipbuilding Industry

This session aimed at understanding market and policy developments as well as emerging challenges faced by the shipbuilding industry in WP6 and non-WP6 member countries.

  • Presentation by Mr. Adam KENT, Managing Director, Maritime Strategies International Ltd. on Future Tendencies in the Global Shipbuilding Market.
  • Presentation by Mr. Dario BAZARGAN, Director, SEA Europe on "Outlook: Medium-Long-Term Perspectives and Challenges for the Shipbuilding Industry".
  • Presentation by Mr. Hiroshi (Dave) IWAMOTO, Council Member, Active Shipbuilding Experts’Federation (ASEF) on “What are the Challenges the Shipbuilding Industry is Facing?”.
  • Presentation by Mr. Harilaos PETRAKAKOS, Senior Consultant, P&P Marine Consultants on Shipbuilding Challenges in Selected Economies.


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