Industry and globalisation

Developing Highly Skilled Workers: Human Capital Peer Reviews


A major conclusion of the OECD Growth Study was that governments need more effective policies for developing human capital and realising its potential in order to increase productivity and growth. In the framework of the project on Growth Follow-Up: Micro-Policies for Growth and Productivity, the OECD is conducting peer reviews of member countries' policies for developing highly skilled workers. Peer reviews are also being carried out on policies for increasing access to venture capital, increasing the diffusion of information technology to business, and enhancing public/private partnerships for research and innovation.

Peer reviews of CanadaFinland and Norway were conducted in March 2004 by the Committee for Industry and Business Environment (CIBE); reviews of BelgiumDenmark, the Netherlands and Sweden followed in October 2004.

The reports present recommendations for policy actions based on the strengths and weaknesses observed in each country's policy approach to developing highly skilled workers to fulfil future industry requirements. Once a critical mass of countries has been reviewed, a cross-country comparative synthesis report will be prepared with a view to identifying common good policy practices.


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