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Workshop: High-Employment-Growth Firms: Local Policies and Local Determinants (Copenhagen, Denmark)


Workshop organised by the OECD LEED Programme

with the Danish Business Authority (DBA)

28 March 2012, Copenhagen - Denmark

Venue :
Danish Business Authority
Dahlerups Pakhus,
Langelinie Allé 17,
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø


Deadline for registration: 21 March 2012




A few high-growth enterprises are responsible for the majority of local job creation.  Appropriately designed policies may contribute by promoting the internal characteristics of enterprises and entrepreneurs that are associated with high growth, such as strong innovation and marketing capacities, and by creating favourable local entrepreneurship environments.  However, little is known about the local factors that stimulate the emergence and development of high-growth enterprises and how they may be promoted by local policies.


Focus Themes

This workshop is organized by the OECD LEED Programme in collaboration with the Danish Business Authority (DBA). It aims to provide guidance to policy makers on how to stimulate job creation through support to high-growth entrepreneurship at the local level, based on analysis of determinants and policies in this area.


Local determinants

The determinants (or drivers) are the main factors that impact on the number of high-growth firms in a locality. The existing economic literature has generally focused on firm-level determinants such as age, size, ownership, cash holding, intangible assets, etc. Less is known about whether local economic conditions influence the number of high-growth firms at the local level.

Local policies

The focus of academics and policy makers has so far been on national policies such as removing regulatory barriers to entrepreneurship, firm growth, and foreign investment, or granting R&D tax credits. The OECD-DBA workshop will rather focus on the role of sub-national policies.

The assessment will cover both policies to improve local framework conditions for high-growth firms and policies that provide direct support to high-growth enterprises.  It will look at programmes in different policy domains such as early stage development (e.g. proof-of-concept programmes), financing (e.g. business angels, mezzanine finance, and venture capital), R&D and innovation (e.g. public contracts and vouchers), consulting and mentoring (e.g. IRAP-like programmes), and internationalization (e.g. export, outward FDI, supplier development linkages, etc.).



Two main speakers will present the current state of knowledge on local determinants and local policies for high-employment-growth.

The preliminary results of an ongoing OECD research project on the geographical distribution of high-growth firms and local determinants will also be discussed.


Presentations by the OECD LEED Programme and DBA on the main findings of their work on high-growth entrepreneurship will complement the workshop.

Researchers and policy makers working on the theme of high-growth entrepreneurship are invited to participate in the workshop. 

A Calll for papers is being organised for those wishing to present papers to the workshop.  Selected papers may be included in an OECD report on this theme.



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Registration Form

Please complete a separate form per participant and return this form no later than 21 March 2012 to:
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Call of papers

Academics and policy makers are invited to present on local determinants and/or local policies for high-growth entrepreneurship. If interested, please send a one-page abstract, or a presentation, or a full paper by 24 February to
Selected papers will be included in an OECD scoping report on high-growth entrepreneurship to appear at the end of 2012.  There is also an opportunity for final versions of the best papers to be included in a special issue of an entrepreneurship and small business academic journal subject to agreement with the editorial board.


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