Entrepreneurship and business statistics

OECD Structural Business Statistics Expert Meeting – Paris, 10-11 May 2007


A number of themes will be focused on at this second meeting of the OECD's SBS Expert Meeting. Key amongst these is the continuing development of indicators that further our understanding of Entrepreneurship Indicators, an area of growing policy interest. Indeed this increased importance has been reflected in organisational changes recently introduced in the OECD's Statistics Directorate, namely the merging of the activities of the OECD's Entrepreneurship Indicators Project and the OECD's  Structural Business Statistics Unit into one unit to better exploit the synergies in these work-areas. 

Another important theme in this year’s meeting is to consider, as a group, how NSOs and the OECD can utilise business statistics as a source of information that better meets the needs of policy makers and analysts alike.  Business statistics micro-data is being increasingly used and requested and the moment is ripe to consider how these growing needs can be met, without compromising confidentiality, by producing a new suite of aggregated composite indicators, in much the same way that standard indicators derived from business statistics are already produced, for example average turnover per 4-digit business. Concurrent with this is a desire to better understand the needs of policy makers across countries and so an important theme of the meeting will be for representatives to describe how business statistcis are used and presented across countries. 

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Important notice:
In line with OECD policy to reduce paper consumption, delegates are invited to download the papers and bring them to the meeting. Only a very limited number of paper copies will be made available at the meeting for those delegates who could not bring meeting documents with them.

The agenda in PDF

Thursday 10th May (9h30)

Session 1: 


Opening of the Meeting


Review of the Agenda


Organisational Changes to OECD Business Statistics and Entrepreneurship, the Statistical Working Party of the Industry Committee, and the OECD’s Globalisation Group


The OECD’s publication and database on Business and Entrepreneurship Statistics (pdf), Nadim Ahmad, OECD

Session 2: Policy Drivers for Entrepreneurship Statistics


Presentation of the OECD Entrepreneurship Indicators Project: Background to the Steering Group and Target Indicators: including: high growth firms and, venture capital.


The OECD/Eurostat Framework on Business Demography Indicators

Session 3: Better meeting policy makers’ needs - Presenting and Disseminating Structural Business Statistics (national practices and policy drivers)

What data is made available and how? What data is needed?

Session 4: Classification Issues - ISIC Revision 4: Dealing with Outsourcing (national practices)


Session 5: Revision of the International Recommendations for Industrial Statistics

Friday 11th May

Session 6: The OECD Micro-Data Feasibility Study


Final Report of the OECD Micro-Data Study – Implications for Business Statistics, including a proposal for additional new standard business statistics indicators. (Includes brainstorming session for country suggestions and discussions on different sectoral aggregates such as ICT, Digital Content Industries etc)


Developing a network of Business Statistics Providers to take-forward ad-hoc requests for micro-data (CIS Surveys STI presentation)

Session 7: Linking Trade and Business Registers - Progress Report

Session 8: The OECD Futures Group – Indicators on Space Statistics

Session 9: Culture Statistics

Session 10: Future of the Group