Economic Survey of Indonesia 2018


Thanks to a steady economic expansion and helpful government policies, poverty rates and inequality are falling, and access to public services is broadening. Yet, the infrastructure gap remains large and more spending  on health and social assistance is needed to enhance inclusiveness.


Overview of the Economic Survey of Indonesia

Survei Ekonomi OECD Indonesia Ikhtisar


 Further reforms will promote a more inclusive and resilient Indonesian economy, Press release


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OECD Economic Surveys: Indonesia 2018
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For further information please contact the Indonesia Desk at the OECD Economics Department.

This Survey was prepared in the Economics Department by Christine Lewis and Patrice Ollivaud, with the assistance of Rita Helbra Tenrini and Peter Haxton under the supervision of Peter Jarrett and Vincent Koen. Research assistance was provided by Klaus Pedersen and editorial support was provided by Elisabetta Pilati.



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