Green growth and sustainable development

Green growth at OECD Week 2011


The OECD Green Growth Strategy, containing Towards Green Growth, 
Towards Green Growth - Monitoring Progress: OECD Indicators 
and Tools for Delivering Green Growth, was launched on 25 May
at a public session of the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting. 


"Ministers welcomed the Green Growth Strategy and provided guidance on future work. They agreed that green growth tools and indicators can help expand economic growth and job creation through sustainable use of natural resources, efficiencies in the use of energy, and valuation of ecosystem services.  Ministers noted that innovation, supported by a strong intellectual property rights system, is a key to countries’ abilities to achieve economic growth, create green jobs, and protect the environment."
OECD Ministerial Council Meeting 2011, Chair's Summary


Green growth activities during OECD 50th Anniversary Week

  • OECD Forum IdeaFactory workshop ''Greening Growth''

  • Panel discussion on "New Sources of Growth: Green your Life!" with the panel focusing on ''Lessons from Successful Green Growth Reform" featuring James P. Leape, Director-General of WWF International, the former Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-soo, and Simon Upton, Director, Environment, OECD. Watch the webcast. (24 May 1.30pm)

  • Launch of the Green Growth Strategy at "Green and Growth go together" session of the Ministerial Council Meeting:  | Webcast (25 May 3.15pm)


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