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Better Regulation in Europe: Finland



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Better Regulation in Europe: Finland

The EU 15 Better Regulation project is a partnership between the OECD and the European Commission. It draws on the initiatives for Better Regulation promoted by both organisations over the last few years.


The OECD report, including recommendations on Better Regulation in Finland is available by clicking on each chapter heading below.


The Executive Summary (pdf format) contains the OECD assessment and recommendations.

Bessere Rechtsetzung in Europa Deutschland 


Chapter 1: Strategy and policies for Better Regulation

  • Ensure that the Justice Ministry gets full support for its efforts to raise awareness of impact assessment.
  • Consider how Better Regulation can be more effectively promoted. Establish a clear communication strategy.
  • Continue the efforts with a more pro-active EU stance.
  • Take steps, in discussion with the subnational levels of government, to bring them into the Better Regulation programme.
  • Establish a clear policy to evaluate progress.

Chapter 2: Institutional capacities for Better Regulation

  • An early evaluation of the effectiveness of the current networked approach is essential.
  • Consider whether the Prime Minister’s Office could play a stronger role by chairing the Better Regulation ministerial committee.
  • Consider establishing an independent advisory board to monitor, advise and challenge on Better Regulation progress.

Chapter 3: Transparency through consultation and communication

  • Continue the efforts to encourage a wider range of stakeholders into the consultative process.
  • Back up the code of consultation with a system that will put real pressure on ministries to comply.
  • Identify and implement a process whereby best consultation practices among ministries can be identified and publicised within the government. 

Chapter 4: The development of new regulations

  • Arrange an external evaluation of the network approach to ex ante impact assessment within the coming year.
  • Review the support structure for officials carrying out impact assessments.
  • Take steps to strengthen the requirement for timely public consultation as part of the process.
  • Establish and implement an action plan to promote the use of alternatives.
  • Require an ex post evaluation of regulations after they have been adopted.

Chapter 5: The management and rationalisation of existing regulations

  • Arrange for an early evaluation of the administrative burden reduction programme to ensure that it is on track.
  • Consider setting up a programme for the reduction of administrative burdens on citizens.
  • Consider whether it would be useful to make focused efforts, as part of the public sector productivity programme, at reducing administrative burdens on officials.  

Chapter 6: Compliance, enforcement, appeals

  • Consider carrying out a review of the approach to inspections and enforcement, to identify and share best practices across ministries and agencies.

Chapter 7: The interface between member countries and the European Commission

  • Improve capacities to influence the development of EU legislation: with the European Commission (at all levels) before proposals are published; and with like-minded member states (at all levels) to build alliances on key issues.
  • Review the current training and guidance offered to officials on EU matters.
  • Review the arrangements for ensuring that the parliament is kept in touch with negotiating developments.
  • Ensure that negotiating briefs include issues that will be important for implementation later on. 

Chapter 8: The interface between sub national and national levels of government

  • Review the scope for developing a Better Regulation strategy for the subnational levels of government. Review the co-ordination mechanisms to support dialogue between responsible ministries, and between the latter and municipalities. Encourage the municipalities to review what they can do to promote Better Regulation practices in their own activities.

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