Regulatory policy

APEC-OECD Integrated Checklist on Regulatory Reform


The APEC-OECD Integrated Checklist was developed in 2003-05 as part of the APEC-OECD Cooperation on Regulatory Reform, and was approved by the respec­tive executive bodies of APEC and the OECD in 2005.  


The Checklist highlights key issues that should be considered during the process of development and implementation of regulatory policy, based on the accumulated knowledge of APEC and the OECD. The Checklist equally recognises that the diversity of economic, social and political environments and values of APEC member economies require flexibility in the methods through which the Checklist shall be applied, and in the uses given to the information compiled.


To date six countries have published their self-assessment reports using the Integrated Checklist: Australia, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and the United States.



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