Open government

Engaging the leading actors from governments all over the world, this event contributed to the global debate on how to progress the open government agenda.

Our objectives for this event were to set concrete actions on:

  • Increasing the inclusiveness of policymaking and service delivery

  • Promoting a culture of monitoring and evaluation of open government practices

  • Strengthening governments’ partnership with citizens and civil society organisations

  • Broadening and consolidating the national open government agenda by involving the legislature and judiciary



For more than 15 years, the OECD has supported countries in their efforts to build more transparent, participatory and accountable governments that can restore citizens’ trust and promote inclusive growth

Open government reforms can not only lead to better policies and services, they are also a means to improve the quality of a country’s democratic life and to better meet the needs of its people and businesses. 


Launch of the report

A new culture of governance

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