Budgeting and public expenditures

4th Meeting of the Joint DELSA/GOV Network on Fiscal Sustainability of Health systems Paris, 16-17 February, 2015


4th Meeting of the Joint DELSA/GOV Network on
Fiscal Sustainability of Health systems
Paris, 16-17 February, 2015

Chair: Mr. Geert VAN MAANEN, Former Secretary General of Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, and Former Secretary General of Ministry of Finance, Netherlands

The Agenda [COM/DELSA/GOV/A(2015)1] is available in English and in French.

Please click here to access the presentations (English Texts Only)


Monday 16 February 2015

Session 1: OECD Joint Network publication -Fiscal Sustainability of Health Systems – Bridging Health and Finance Perspectives
Reference document: [COM/DELSA/GOV(2015)1/PROV]
• Summary and main findings by Camila Vammalle & Chris James, OECD Secretariat.
• Discussant: Michael Borowitz, The Global Fund.

Session 2: The political economy of health financing reform: the US Affordable Care Act
• Speaker: Keith Fontenot, former Associate Director at the US Office of Management and Budget, and the US Congressional Budget Office.

Session 3: Assessing the fiscal sustainability of health care
Adapting revenue policies to reflect expenditure projections, forecasting
• Speaker: Christoph Schwierz, European Commission.
• Country example: Switzerland, Carsten Colombier, Federal Department of Finance.

Fiscal sustainability and long-term care for the elderly
• Speaker: Tim Muir, OECD Secretariat.
• Country example: Slovenia, Eva Zver, Social Welfare & Social Development Division, Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development.

Tuesday 17 February, 2015

Session 4: Policy levers for containing public expenditure in health
Debating the boundaries between public and private spending
• Speaker: Valérie Paris, OECD Secretariat.
• Country example: UK, The role of NICE in the UK, Tommy Wilkinson, NICE.

Provider payments: getting the incentives right
• Speaker: Divya Srivastava, OECD Secretariat.
• Country example: Israel, Ruth Waitzberg, The Smokler Center for Health Policy Research.

Session 5: Governance tools for improving health spending performance
Reference document: Digital government strategies for transforming public services in the welfare areas [GOV/PGC/EGOV(2014)3]

Digital government strategies for health services
• Speaker: Barbara Ubaldi, OECD Secretariat.
• Country examples: Denmark, Susanne Duus, Agency for Digitisation, Ministry of Finance ; Sweden, Madeleine Siösteen-Thiel, Vinnova Innovation Agency

Using performance-based budgeting in health
• Speaker: Ronnie Downes, OECD Secretariat.
• Country examples: Austria, Sandra Kaiser, Ministry of Finance ; Italy, Sabina Nuti, Istituto Di Management.

Session 6: Future directions for the Joint SBO-Health Network


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