Budgeting and public expenditures

3rd Meeting of the Joint DELSA/GOV Network on Fiscal Sustainability of Health Systems, Paris, 24-25 April 2014


3rd Meeting of the Joint Network on Fiscal Sustainability of Health Systems,

Paris, 24-25 April 2014

Chair:  Geert VAN MAANEN, Director, ABDTOPConsult, Netherlands


The Agenda (COM/DELSA/GOV/A(2014)2/FINAL) is available in English and in French.


Thursday 24 April 2014

SESSION 1:  What is the “fiscal sustainability of health systems”?

Presentations by:

  • Mr Ankit Kumar, OECD Secretariat.
  • Mr Tamás Evetovits, WHO office for Health systems strengthening.

SESSION 2:  Is it too early to speak about a "post-crisis" fiscal outlook for health spending?

Presentations by:

  • Mr Christian Kastrop, OECD Secretariat -- on the most recent trends in economic and fiscal positions.
  • Dr Sarah Thomson, World Health Organisation, European Observatory on Health Systems, and London School of Economics.

SESSION 3:  Budgeting for health – practices and challenges

Presentations by:

  • Mr Gijs Van der Vlugt, Ministry of Finance, Netherlands, Ms Camila Vammalle, OECD Secretariat, and Ms. Claudia HULBERT, consultant.

SESSION 4:  Politics of health care reform

Presentations by:

  • Mr David Moloney, Department of Public Expenditures and Reform, Ireland.
  • Prof. Arnon Afek, Ministry of Health, Israel -- on the challenges of the wage negotiation in Israel.

Friday 25 April 2014

SESSION 5:  User charges and co-payments: how useful and how dangerous?

Presentations by:

  • Ms Valérie Paris, OECD Secretariat, who will present the OECD’s work on Measuring Coverage across OECD countries.
  • Ms Anita Charlesworth, Nuffield Trust, United kingdom.

SESSION 6:  Controlling health care expenditure in decentralised environments

Presentations by:

  • Ms Camila Vammalle, OECD Secretariat, Ms Claudia Hulbert, consultant.
  • Mr Mads Bager Hoffmann, Ministry of Health, Denmark.
  • Mr Bogart Montiel Reyna, Ministry of Health, Mexico.

SESSION 7:  Financing universal health care: the need for close co-operation between health and budget Ministries

Presentations by:

  • Mr Mark Blecher, Chief Director, Health & Social Development, National Treasury, South Africa.
  • Ms Akiko Maeda, Lead health specialist, World Bank.

SESSION 8:  The challenges of using open data in health policy

Presentations by:

  • Ms Barbara Ubaldi, OECD Secretariat, will present the main results in terms of policies, initiatives and impacts of Open Government Data in OECD countries.
  • Mr Franck von Lennep, Head of the Directorate for Research, Studies, Assessment and Statistics of the French Ministry of Health and Head of the Commission on healthcare open data project in France settled in fall 2013. He will present the main challenges raised in the commission gathering all stakeholders in order to implement efficiently open data for healthcare services.

SESSION 9:  Discussion on activities and future directions of the Health-SBO Network.

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