Finding common ground to fix common problems is critical in an increasingly complex world.


In today’s complex and interconnected world, governments, citizens, businesses and civil society increasingly recognise that they cannot overcome the global challenges of today and tomorrow by acting alone. Effective international regulatory co-operation, reinforced by well-functioning, transparent and effective international organisations (IOs), appears increasingly crucial to overcoming global challenges, containing and managing the risks of current and future crises and ensuring economic, social and environmental well-being for all.


From combating COVID-19 and climate change to tackling corruption and closing tax evasion, IOs have a critical role to play in supporting their governments to find common grounds for solving common problems. They provide vital platforms for sharing evidence, exchanging experiences, forging common approaches and developing joint instruments that, in turn, enrich evidence-based rulemaking at both the national and international level. IOs are the backbone of effective global co-operation and governance.


Read the Joint Statement of the Secretariats of the International Organisations:  English / French