Risk governance

Global Risks 2017


What will the global risks be in 2017? 

The OECD was part of the multistakeholder Advisory Board to help prepare the Global Risks 2017 report.

In this year’s annual survey, some 750 experts assessed 30 global risks, as well as 13 underlying trends that could amplify them or alter the interconnections between them.

OECD's work on Risk Governance

Concerning natural disasters, physical and man made risks, The OECD High Level Risk Forum offers a global platform for sharing good practices on risk management and risk resilience, bringing together policy makers from government and experts from the private sector, civil society and academia.

The web based toolkit on Risk Governance can help countries in implementing the OECD Recommendation on the Governance of Critical Risks.

The OECD work on public governance, integrity and on the implications of the dark economy also contributes to a better understanding of the broader trust of government, and how to tackle the integrity challenges, which go at the heart of some of the political and institutional risks identified in the WEF 2017 report.  

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