Regulatory policy

Workshop on Regulatory Consultation in Colombia


Bogotá, 9-11 March 2015


This workshop was carried out as part of the initiative aimed at embedding Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in Colombia. It was targeted at senior and mid-level officials from different government institutions who are piloting RIA and was hosted by the National Planning Department (DNP) of Colombia. The objective of the workshop was to provide practical information and learning through case studies, group exercises, and presentations in applying regulatory consultation. It was presented by OECD staff with extensive and relevant experience on the matter. The event was also accompanied by a senior official of the United States Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), who shared her experience regarding the platform and consultation methodologies.

The event covered topics such as the following:


  • Principles and techniques for regulatory consultation, as well as analysis, discussion and implementation in real situations;
  • Pre-consultation, with practical illustrations provided by OIRA;
  • Consultation techniques;
  • Leveraging ICTs for consultation purposes;
  • Evaluating consultation procedures.


Presentations (in Spanish)


Principles of regulatory consultation - Jacobo Pastor García Villarreal, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD


ICTs and consultation – OECD


For more information, please contact Jacobo Garcia Villarreal.


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