Regulatory policy

Workshop on the elaboration and evaluation of regulatory impact assessment, Colombia


Bogotá, 26-30 January 2015


The workshop was targeted at high-level officials who are piloting Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in Colombia. The objective was to provide practical information and learning through case studies, group exercises, and presentations from OECD staff and government officials with extensive and relevant experience in applying RIA systems. This event was supported by Mexico’s Federal Commission for Regulatory Improvement (COFEMER), which illustrated its experience in embedding RIA in their national legislation.  The workshop was hosted by the National Planning Department of Colombia (DNP).


The event covered several topics, such as the following:


  • The basic facts and theory related to RIA, as well as analysis, discussion and implementation in real situations in which RIA was used.
  • Best practices when undertaking RIA, according to OECD member countries and the case study of Mexico.


Presentations (in Spanish)

Regulatory Policy and Governance - Jacobo Pastor García Villarreal, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD

Recommendation of the Council on Regulatory Policy and Governance – OECD

– Eduardo Esteban Romero Fong, COFEMER, Mexico


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Please contact Jacobo Garcia Villarreal, OECD Regulatory Policy Division


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