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Thematic and sectoral reviews

  • Regulatory Governance in the Pesticide Sector in Mexico (Sept. 2021) EN / SP
  • Facilitating the implementation of the Mexican Supreme Audit Institution’s mandate. Regulatory Policy and Governance (2021) EN / SP
  • Implementing Technical Regulations in Mexico (2020) EN / SP
  • Regulatory Governance of the Rail Sector in Mexico (2020) – EN / SP 
  • Scan of Reforms for Enhancing Business Environment in Mexico  (2019) – EN / SP
  • Administrative simplification in the Mexican Social Security Institute, (2019) - ENSP  
  • Review of International Regulatory Co-operation of Mexico (2018) - EN / SP
  • Improving Procedures at the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (2018) – EN / SP
  • Review of the Regulation of Freight Transport in Mexico (2017), EN
  • Ex post assessment of regulation: Practices and lessons from OECD countries (EN/SP)
  • Process for opening hotels in Mexico: Analysis and improvement proposals (EN)
  • Redefining a National Transport Regulator in Mexico (EN)
  • Review of Practices of Local Public Procurement in Five Mexican States (EN/SP)
  • Governance of Regulators’ Practices: Accountability, Transparency and Co-ordination (EN)
  • Closing Procedure of Businesses in Mexico: Analysis and improvement proposals (EN)

Regulatory policy at sub-national level

  • Simplification of high impact formalities in Merida (2018), EN
  • Review of Regulatory Policy and Competitiveness in the State of Mexico (2017), SP
  • Review of Regulatory Performance in the State of Puebla (2017), SP
  • Savings in administrative burdens in Colima and Jalisco (2016), SP 
  • Simplification of high impact formalities in Torren (2016), EN
  • Simplification of high impact formalities in Hermosillo (2015), EN
  • Simplification of high impact formalities in San Luis Potosi (2015), EN
  • Implementation of the Standard Cost Model in Metepec (2015), EN

Reviews of regulatory reform

  • Towards a Whole-of-government Perspective to Regulatory Improvement (2014) EN
  • OECD Public Governance Reviews: Towards More Effective and Dynamic Public Management in Mexico (2011), EN, SP
  • Progress in Implementing Regulatory Reform, Mexico (2004), EN
  • Regulatory Reform in Mexico (1999), EN; Government Capacity to Assure High Quality Regulation (1999), EN; Competition Policy (1999), EN; Market Openness (1999), EN; Telecommunications Industry (1999), EN 

Performance of regulators

  • Impact Update: Driving Performance of Mexico's Energy Regulators - EN
  • Summary brochure: Driving Performance of Mexico's Energy Regulators (external governance) EN / SP
  • Summary brochure: Driving Performance of Mexico’s ASEA, CNH and CRE (internal governance) EN / SP
  • Mexico's Agency for Safety, Energy and Environment (2017) - EN / SP
  • Mexico's National Hydrocarbons Commission (2017) - EN / SP 
  • Mexico's Energy Regulatory Commission (2017) - EN / SP
  • Mexico's Energy Regulators (2017) EN / SP
  • Accountability, Transparency and Co-ordination - Case studies for Mexico (2017), EN

Indicators of regulatory policy and governance (iREG)


Working paper

  • Successful Practices and Policies to Promote Regulatory Reform and Entrepreneurship at the Sub-national Level (2010) EN, SP

Guide and manuals

  • ABC Manual for Regulatory Reform (2016), SP
  • Mejores prácticas registrales y catastrales en México (2012), 
  • Guía para mejorar la calidad regulatoria de trámites estatales y municipales e impulsar la competitividad de méxico (2012), SP / EN / Anexos
  • Buenas prácticas en la aplicación de la Guía para Mejorar la Calidad Regulatoria de Trámites Estatales y Municipales e Impulsar la Competitividad de México (2011) SP
  • A One-stop Shop for Quick and Easy Business Start-ups in Mexico (2009) 

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