Regulatory policy

Regulatory Policy: Korea


OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook 2021

OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook and indicators



  • Policies, regulatory framework and enforcement for air quality management, 2020, EN
  • KDI/OECD: Improving Regulatory Governance:  Trends, Practices and the Way Forward, 2017, EN
  • Regulatory Policy Review: Korea 2017, EN, KO
  • OECD Best practice principles: The Governance of Regulators, 2014, EN, KO
  • OECD Best practice principles: Regulatory Enforcement and Inspections, 2014, EN, KO
  • Regulatory Policy and Behavioural Economics, 2014, ENKO
  • Recommendation of the Council on Regulatory Policy and Governance, 2012, EN, KO
  • Strengthening the Institutional Setting for Regulatory Reform, 2011, EN, KO
  • Regulatory Policy and Governance, Supporting Economic Growth and Serving the Public Interest, 2011, EN, KO
  • Assessing the Impact of Regulatory Management Systems, 2010, EN, KO
  • Overcoming Barriers to Administrative Simplification Strategies : Guidance for Policy Makers, 2009, EN, KO
  • OECD Review of Regulatory Reform: Korea 2007, EN
  • OECD Review of Regulatory Reform: Korea 2000, EN

International regulatory co-operation

  • The Cases of the OECD and the IMO, 2014, ENKO
  • Case Studies, Vol.1, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Tax and Competition, 2013, ENKO
  • Case Studies, Vol.2, Canada-US Co-operation, EU Energy Regulation, Risk Assessment and Banking Supervision, 2013, ENKO
  • Case Studies, Vol.3, Transnational Private Regulation and Water Management, 2013, ENKO
  • Addressing Global Challenges, 2013, ENKO



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