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OSINERGMIN, Peru's energy regulator, begins RIA implementation




On 26-28 September, the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining of Peru (OSINERGMIN) and OECD held an International Workshop on regulatory impact analysis. Officials from OSINERGMIN and other agencies of the central government of Peru received training from OECD including international experts in regulation as facilitators. The workshop aimed to improve the process by which OSINERGMIN prepares its rules and regulations, thus increasing transparency, accountability, and quality of these regulations.


The course will help OSINERGMIN issue rules of better rationality. The course highlighted the importance of consulting widely with stakeholders in the development of regulations to receive feedback, even online. The tool employed for this is Regulatory impact assessment (RIA). The course complied with the OECD recommendations on regulatory policy in Peru highlighted in the OECD report Regulatory Policy in Peru, Assembling the Framework for Regulatory Quality released last August and part of the OECD Peru Country Programme.


RIA is the most important tool promoted by OECD to improve the quality of regulation and ensure that legal instruments are aligned to their objectives and fulfil their purpose. RIA helps officials and regulators to think critically in terms of the objectives of public intervention to determine whether the regulation is the best alternative, and to assess the benefits and costs of such regulation. As part of the RIA, extensive consultations with stakeholders should be made on the contents of the regulatory proposal.


Following the recommendations of the OECD, OSINERGMIN is the first economic regulator in Peru to have started implementing RIA.


The International Workshop on Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) consisted of 24 sessions spread over three days. A total of 20 hour training was delivered by staff of the OECD Regulatory Policy Division and three experts from Mexico with experience in the design and analysis of RIAs from the Regulatory Commission of Energy of Mexico, the Federal Telecommunications Institute of Mexico, and with work experience in the Federal Regulatory Improvement Commission of Mexico.




Regulatory Policy Division of the OECD in Mexico and Latin America @OCDE_RegMx

Delia Vazquez, Policy Analyst, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD

Manuel Gerardo Flores, Manuel Gerardo Flores, Senior Economist, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD @M_GerardoFlores




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