Regulatory policy

OECD supports Mexico to improve its better regulation policy and regulators with more effective audits


6 January 2021, Mexico City, Mexico


The OECD and the Mexican Supreme Audit Institution (Auditoría Superior de la Federación, ASF) launched the report Facilitating the implementation of the Mexican Supreme Audit Institution’s mandate: Regulatory Policy and Governance, whose objective is to provide elements for the ASF to undertake a comprehensive strategy to audit the performance of better regulation policy in Mexico, including tools, practices and methodologies, as well as the performance of regulatory bodies.

Laws and regulations should aim to protect human health, the environment, promote a safe workplace, as well as control monopolies and ensure the provision of quality services at affordable prices, such as electricity and telecommunications, among others. Better regulation ensures that these laws and regulations, including the procedures and formalities that derive from them, achieve their underlying public policy objectives in an effective manner, without imposing unnecessary costs on citizens and businesses.

The report:

  • Analyses the ASF’s current practices on auditing better regulation;
  • Provides a conceptual framework that will serve as a reference to audit the performance of better regulation policies and institutions in Mexico, with a clearer, more objective and results-based approach;
  • Highlights practices, approaches and methodologies used by supreme audit institutions around the world to evaluate the performance of national better regulation policies and the design of economic regulators, which are key institutions for achieving public policy objectives;
  • Emphasises the work of the National Audit Office (NAO), United Kingdom; the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) and the European Court of Auditors (ECA).


This report is part of a collaborative project between the OECD and the ASF on regulatory policy issues, which included a three-day capacity-building workshop with experts from the OECD and the NAO. Over 160 ASF officials participated in the workshop.


Download the full report in English and Spanish.

See the press release in Spanish.



OECD Regulatory Policy Division for Mexico and Latin America @OCDE_RLAC

Andres Blancas,  Policy Analyst, Regulatory Policy Division

Manuel Gerardo Flores, Coordinator of the OECD Regulatory Policy Programme for Mexico and Latin America @M_GerardoFlores




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