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OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook series


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The Outlook provides the first evidence-based, cross-country analysis of the progress made by OECD countries in improving the way they regulate. It reviews the use of 3 key tools of regulatory policy: RIA, stakeholder engagement, ex post evaluation, and proposes an ambitious and forward looking agenda for the use of regulatory policy to promote growth and well-being. 

Compared to previous editions, the 2021 Outlook covers new topics suh as the use of regulatory management tools at the subnational level, access to justice and risk-based policy-making. The 2018 edition covers topics not previously adressed in 2015, such as regulatory oversight, regulatory enforcement and delivery, international regulatory co-operation and the use of behavioural insights in regulatory policy.

All graphs and underlying data contained in the Regulatory Policy Outlook series (including for the composite indicators) can be accessed on OECD iLibrary.


Regulatory Policy Outlook country profiles

The Regulatory Policy Outlook is complemented by detailed two-page country notes for all OECD member and accession countries and the European Commission, displaying countries’ results for all three composite indicators.


Methodology and design of the indicators


Government at a Glance

The indicators form the basis for a chapter on Regulatory Governance in the Government at a Glance publication series. The chapter provides key indicators and analysis on global trends in regulatory policy and governance, stakeholder engagement, RIA, ex post evaluation and the governance of regulators.


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