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First Expert Dialogue on Regulatory Policy in Latin America


OECD, Paris, 17 April 2015


The OECD held the first Expert Dialogue on Regulatory Policy in Latin America. The event gathered government officials as well as experts from Latin America and OECD member countries.


The dialogue allowed Latin American countries to learn about OECD work on Regulatory Policy. One of the main objectives was to create a Latin American Network to communicate and exchange experiences and practices among experts in the Latin America region and OECD member countries. The network will promote the discussion of regulatory improvement activities in the region in the coming years, which will contribute to the better functioning of markets and the improvement of public services. Government officials from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, the United Kingdom as well as experts from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and from the OECD agreed to hold the first Network meeting on the 25 June 2015 in Lima, Peru.


During the dialogue, best practices and learnt lessons on administrative simplification in OECD member countries were discussed. Relevant experiences of Mexico, Brazil and the IDB in how regulatory improvement has enhanced competitiveness and economic growth were analysed. Cases regarding administrative simplification, burden reduction and improvement of public services of the Mexican state of Colima, Colombia and Peru were presented.


During the discussion three priorities for the region were identified: administrative simplification, promotion and implementation of regulatory improvement by sub-national governments, and data gathering on regulatory performance in Latin American countries. These subjects will to be discussed at the next meeting.


The meetings of the Latin American Network on Regulatory Policy will be held in the context of the activities of the OECD Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC). The RPC brings together government officials overseeing regulatory policy from the presidential or prime ministers offices, as well as from the Ministry of Finance, Economy, and Public Administration. One of the main objectives of the RPC is to improve regulatory quality policy through an integral and multi-disciplinary focus, as well as promote best practices on regulatory policy.


Please see agenda of the meeting in English and in Spanish.


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