Regulatory policy

Country-level support: regulatory policy in Southeast Asia


The OECD has a long history supporting countries and works bilaterally with Southeast Asian countries, in applying normative guidance and evidence-based analysis towards better regulation. Support involves a unique blend of approaches that combines technical knowledge with practical experiences from OECD countries and access to senior government officials through the OECD Regulatory Policy Committee.


Co-operation between the OECD and countries can come in variety of forms, including in:

  • Reviews applying OECD normative and practical standards, which can cross any number of focus areas, from a single issue to an in-depth look at the entire regulatory governance system.
  • Capacity building on areas of interest that seeks to support countries with hands on learning about OECD research and practical experience through in-country seminars.
  • Targeted assistance for reforms  to support countries in reform implementation through mentoring by OECD experts, peer countries and the regulatory policy community. In-country and off-line support is extended towards thoroughly understanding the challenges and practically addressing them through OECD guidance and good practices from countries.

Areas of application include: regulatory strategy and oversight, good regulatory practices – regulatory impact assessments (RIA), stakeholder engagement and evaluations) – regulatory delivery, international regulatory cooperation, regulating in the age of emerging technologies, and the application of behavioural insights.  Read more about the overall work of the OECD in regulatory policy here.

Country-level support is part of the OECD’s work in regulatory policy in South East Asia, which includes regional-level work and the ASEAN-OECD Good Regulatory Practice Network.



Review of regulatory policy in Thailand (2020)

The OECD supported the Office of the Council of State to implement reforms to establish a regulatory oversight body and improve their system of good regulatory practices in the Thai Government, enacted in accordance with the 2017 Constitution of Thailand.

The project combined a series of targeted capacity building workshops to assist with implementation of the reforms and a diagnostic scan of the new system – presenting  findings, assessment and recommendations for supporting the medium- to long-term evolution of the reform.

 RIA Thailand


Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Philippines provides an assessment of the state of RIAs in the Philippines and a review of the new RIA requirements and oversight body. Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Philippines Implementing Good Regulatory Practice in Malaysia (2015) examines Malaysia's early experience of implementing RIA to support evidence-based rule making. Implementing Good Regulatory Practice in Malaysia
Regulatory Policy in Indonesia (2012) focuses on the administrative and institutional arrangements in Indonesia for ensuring that regulations are effective and efficient. Regulatory Policy in Indonesia Administrative Simplification in Viet Nam  (2011) explores how Viet Nam can rapidly bring about the full potential their administrative simplification programme and introduce a range of regulatory instruments. Administrative Simplification in Viet Nam


For further information, please contact Mike Pfister and James Drummond, OECD Regulatory Policy Division


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