Regulatory policy

11th OECD Conference on Measuring Regulatory Performance


11th OECD conference on Measuring Regulatory Performance: Proceedings

The Future of Law-Making
Oslo, Norway - 13-14 June 2019

Disruptive technologies are rapidly transforming the way we conduct business and live; they have given rise to new industries and products that were not conceived of even a decade ago. Governments often have no "template" for regulating transformative technologies. At the same time, new technologies and big data can revolutionise the way governments monitor and evaluate regulations to provide better evidence on their actual impact.

This conference discussed when and how to adjust traditional regulatory management tools, such as regulatory impact analysis, to provide governments with the right evidence to regulate transformative technologies. It also discussed new ways to track the impact of regulations, as well as the challenges involved.



The conference was hosted jointly by the Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management and the Norwegian Council for Better Regulation.