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OECD Reviews of Human Resource Management in Government: Belgium


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ISBN: 9789264038196

Publication date: 12/11/2007
Pages: 192

Number of tables: 9
Number of graphs: 14

The review of human resource management (HRM) in Belgian government is the first country review of its kind to be carried out by the OECD. It provides a detailed diagnosis and solutions for improving the management of government employees in the Brussels-Capital Region, Federal Government, Flemish Government, French Community and Walloon Region. The report compares the policies and practices of Belgium with those in other OECD countries, as well as those across different governments in Belgum.

Are governments managing the size, skills and competencies of their workforce in a sustainable manner? Are government HRM systems performance oriented? Is there a balance between the flexibility and consistency of HRM rules within and across the different governments? Are the values promoted by governments consistent with management rules and practices? These are the main questions addressed in this report, which is based on the lessons learnt from the experience of other OECD member countries.

While reforms are progressing in all governments, albeit at a different pace, there are a number of key issues and recommendations that will need to be addressed to ensure a successful modernisation strategy in this field. Recommendations include that governments should reform the intergovernmental framework on employment to remove rigidities and enhance co-operation, pay special attention to staff productivity and efficiency, and enhance the good governance of their HRM systems.


Table of contents

Chapter 1. Workforce Planning and Management
Chapter 2. The Management of Staff Performance
Chapter 3. Flexibility and Coherence of HRM Rules Across Governments
Chapter 4. Core Values

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