Public employment and management

Meeting of the Public Employment and Management Working Party


OECD Conference Centre, Paris, 9-10 December 2010


The 2010 annual meeting of the Public Employment and Management Working Party (PEMWP) built on the discussions and the communiqué of the OECD Public Governance Committee at Ministerial level that took place in Venice on 15 November 2010. Ministers underscored the crucial need to improve public sector productivity and foster a more efficient, effective and innovative government to face fiscal challenges and an uncertain economic outlook. Thus, discussions in the PEMWP meeting focused on  "doing more with less" through adjustments to workforce size, allocation, competencies and compensation.


Ministers emphasized the need for evidence-based advice to support policy-making process. Hence, members of the PEMWP discussed indicators that review what was done in the past and new indicators on workforce restructuring, strategic HRM, political influence, industrial relations, and, most importantly, on the compensation of government employees. All these indicators constitute a significant contribution of the PEM working party to Government at a Glance 2011.


PEMWP members also discussed the preliminary conclusions and recommendations of the peer review of HRM in Mexico.




Session 1

 Welcome and introductory remarks

  • Louise McGirr (Chair)

  • Rolf Alter  (Director, GOV)



Session 2

Major HRM developments in the context of financial pressures in OECD countries

  • Country representatives



Session 3

Public servants as partners for growth: Strengthening a leaner and more equitable government workforce





Session 4

Informing the strategic decisions of governments: The role and management of Ministerial Advisors





Session 5

Moving forward: Adjusting the compensation of employees to attract and retain a competent workforce in the context of financial pressures



  • Restricting compensation: ItalyIcelandMexico 

  • Containing growth in compensation costs: Canada

  • Revamping the whole pay systems: JapanPortugal 

  • Individualising and delegating pay: Sweden 



Session 6

Providing evidence: HRM indicators for Government at a Glance 2011

  • Results of 2010 survey on strategic management of HRM in central governments

  • Results of the 2010 Survey on Compensation of Public Employees



Session 7

The challenges of professionalising public servants in Mexico





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