Budgeting and public expenditures

7th Annual Meeting of Senior Public-Private Partnerships Officials, OECD Conference Centre, Paris, 17-18 February 2014


7th Annual Meeting of Senior PPP Officials
OECD Conference Centre, Paris, 17-18 February

Chair:  Mr. Gordon McKechnie, United Kingdom



Monday 17 February 2014

Session 1: Introduction

Welcome by Chairman

Welcome by the OECD Secretariat

Self-introduction of delegates

Session 2: The current PPP market

Keynote Speakers:

  • Mr. Robin Burnett, Director, Standard and Poor’s.
  • Mr. Guy Chetrit, Principal Advisor, European PPP Expertise Centre (EPEC), European Investment Bank (EIB).

OECD country panel on recent developments:

  • Mr. François Bergère, Head of Concessions/PPP, Ministry of Finance, France.
  • Ms. Lisa Mitchell, Director, Strategy and Policy, PPP Canada.

Session 3: What makes a PPP framework attractive?

Private Sector side:

  • Project sponsor: Mr. Gilles Erdogan, Project Manager, VINCI Concessions, France.
  • Project lender: Ms. Virginie Grand, Head of Project Finance, Europe, HSBC.
  • Transaction advisor: Mr. Charles Lloyd, Partner, PWC and former Head of PFI Policy at the United Kingdom Treasury.

Public Sector side:

  • Ms. Jo Fox, Head of PPP Policy Policy, Infrastructure UK, HM Treasury, United Kingdom.

Session 4: Instruments and incentives to attract institutional investors in PPPs


  • Mr. Raffaele Della Croce, Senior Project Manager, Financial Affairs Division, OECD Secretariat.
  • Mr. Chris Barrett, Ambassador and Permanent Representative, Australian Delegation to the OECD, Australia.


  • Ms. Katrina Haley, Head of Structured Bonds, EMEA, HSBC.
  • Mr. Georg Grodzki, Head of Credit Research, Legal and General Investment Management.
  • Mr. Peter Johnston, Executive Director, Hastings Funds Management.

Session 5: Budgeting sustainably for PPPs and traditional capital projects in the medium and long term


  • Ms. Isabel Rial, Senior Economist, IMF.
  • Dr. Gisela Lehmer-Kerkloh, Project Partnerships Germany, Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Session 6: PPPs in Russia – an OECD snapshot


  • Mr. Ian Hawkesworth, Head, Capital Budgeting and PPPs, Budgeting and Public Expenditures Division, OECD Secretariat.
  • Ms. Maria Yarmalchuk, Head of Section, Section of PPP Development, Department of Investment Policy and PPP Development, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Peer Reviewer:

  •  Mr. François Bergère, Head of Concessions/PPP, Ministry of Finance, France.


  • Mr. Matthew Jordan-Tank, Head, Infrastructure Policy, EBRD.

Session 7: Maintaining value for money during the operational phase


  • Mr. Michael Burnett, Director, European PPP Forum, European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA).
  • Mr. Greg Smith, CFO and Vice President, Finance, Risk, & Administration, Director, PPP Canada.
  • Ms. Victoria Keilthy, Director, National Audit Office, United Kingdom.


  •  Mr. Carsten Greve, Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

Session 8: Developing PPP frameworks – where do you begin?

Keynote speaker:

  • Mr. Charles Lloyd, Partner, PWC and former Head of PFI Policy at HM Treasury, United Kingdom.

Country Cases:

  • Mr. Fernando Crespo Diu,Head of Unit, UTAP PPP Technical Unit, Ministry of Finance, Portugal.
  • Mr. Peter Livesey,Head of Capital Finance, Central Capital Unit, Department of Education, United kingdom.
  • Dr. Kangsoo Kim,Executive Director, PIMAC, Korea.


  • Mr. Rui Monteiro, Senior Public-Private Partnership Specialist, World Bank Institute.

Session 9: Future work

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